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Welcome to Philippa Westaway's New Improved Website!

Proudly introducing three different mediums and subject matters on one site

Using Oil Pastel, Ink and Charcoal to explore various subjects, my work spans from Original Commissioned Portraits, Wildlife drawings and Nudes, to Abstract Circular Limited Edition Prints. 

Having grown up in the heart of England, the countryside and nature has always inspired me. 

My early abstract circular print work was influenced by concepts such as: infinity, evolution and science, the backbones and undercurrents of my research have led me full circle to the study of life forms. 

My love for animals is celebrated in vibrant colours and expressive strokes in oil pastel.

Philippa Westaway Solo Exhibition 2018 Vista Alegre, Ibiza Photography by Orphee Tehranchian #philippawestaway #orpheetehranchianphotography

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