Hatty The Hare

Welcoming Hatty The Hare to my Oil Pastel Collection.

I am really excited about this new piece, it encompasses a new style with my old style.

The chaotic colours and my expressive marks are a thrilling juxtaposition to her composed stance. The chaos is happening on the outside, with movement from the white flicks of paint, psychedelic colours and the bright pigment of the oil pastels, yet her eye is full of wisdom and stillness.

Hatty The Hare 2021

Oil Pastel On Board

1010mm x 460mm (Unframed)

I used a long thin board to accentuate and elongate her long limbs and ears, she almost appears to be standing upright, her back is straight and gives a regal aura, an air of confidence. I just love her presence, shes fun!

Hatty is the first female Hare I have drawn.

Here are the boys:

Horatio The Hare - Hudsen The Hare - Hector The Hare

Both Hudsen and Hector are available in greeting card, all three are available in print!

Hector The Hare Greeting Card

Hudsen The Hare Greeting Card

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