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Circular Abstract Prints by Philippa Westaway

What I didn't expect was the reactions from my viewers, one of my favourite moments at a private view is listening to people arguing about what they see in my work.

They are like inkblots, invoking a conversation with the subconscious

I realise then it belongs to them

Untitled 8 by Philippa Westaway

My prints represent and demonstrate my conceptual thoughts

They are still moments captured on paper and yet create infinite spaces to go to in the mind

They evolve, depending on the day you look at them, they become something else

It is like a mirror of the past or a gateway into a future world

Like inkblots they take you places

Untitled 37 by Philippa Westaway

Some of my works demonstrate concepts of infinity through scale

Micro and macro

Is it as small as an atom, is it as big as a galaxy?

They keep you guessing

Untitled 35 by Philippa Westaway

They keep you questioning what they are

You don't always understand why they feel familiar or alien

Untitled 11 by Philippa Westaway

Like portals they lead your eye limitlessly around the circular frame

You are free to submerge yourself in your subconscious

Softly escaping reality

Untitled 29 by Philippa Westaway

They are about what you see - what you are able to abstract

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