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Ten tips on how to create a gift for your Mum on Mothering Sunday!

The verb’s definition of a mother is to “bring up (a child) with care and affection.” As in, motherhood is about so much more than just giving birth to a child.

The person who created you will always love something you create! I know my mum thinks, because she made me, anything I make then belongs to her, haha, nice try mum!

With that in mind, the mother/mothers in your life have spent their time loving you and creating a happy home, so spending your time creating something special for mother's day, will mean the world to them.

As a very young aspiring artist, I was always painting and creating, I had so much artwork that I would give it away to loved ones, especially on days like Mothering Sunday!

Here are some fun examples from when I was little!

Mixed Media - Anything I could find by the looks of it! (1995)

Watercolour on Paper - an abstract landscape (around 1999/2000)

Oil Pastel on Paper - (2016)

Mums deserve beautiful things around them that remind them they are appreciated and adored! Art is the perfect gift to remind our mums on a daily basis that we know how much they've done for us. The art hangs on the wall in their home as a constant reminder they are doing and have done an amazing job!

These tips are for any age to use, create and enjoy!

Tips for creating a piece of art for your mum

Tip Number 1: The first thing to do is think about something your mum absolutely loves! Is it flowers, gardening, chocolate, animals, her pet cat, photographs etc etc.

Tip Number 2: Think of an idea about how you can capture it in a fun and expressive way.

Tip Number 3: You can find plenty of inspiration online once you have a subject! Check out youtube tutorials, there are incredible videos out there for beginner artists, they have simple easy techniques that look really effective!

Tip Number 4: Buy all the materials you need, take your time planning and setting up, you'll need to allocate uninterrupted time in your day.

Tip Number 5: Don't over think what you're doing - just do it - you can always paint over the part you're not happy with!

Tip Number 6: Take breaks, make yourself a cup of tea if you feel stuck on a bit, fresh eyes can see what you have to do next!

Tip Number 7: Give yourself time to get it done, you don't want to rush or feel pressured, utilise the time we all have during lockdown! You may end up loving painting and finding a new hobby!

Tip Number 8: If you don't have time to get paints and paint something you can always have a load of lovely family photographs printed and make an awesome collage - Frame it and it's a perfect thoughtful gift that you made!

Tip Number 9: The other very simple way to create something special is to make a personalised card, just get a plain piece of card, then paint something fun on it, maybe fill the card with confetti, you could even just stick photographs to it in a mini collage!

Tip Number 10: Make sure you have fun!

Creating something takes a tiny bit of intense focus and planning teamed with total freedom and letting go, letting go of fear that it won't turn out exactly how you thought (sometimes that's a really good thing), fear of criticism(trust me they'll love it), fear that you won't like it (just keep going until you do like it)... we are all by nature creators and artists, so relax, have fun and enjoy making something thoughtful that you made especially for your mum.

Tag me to show off your beautiful Mother's Day Artwork !!

@philippawestaway #philippawestaway

Thanks for Reading - Happy Mother's Day !

If anyone runs out of time but still wants to buy something fun and creative you can always order one of my fun A3 Mounted Prints! 10% off until Mothering Sunday 14th March 2021

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